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Trip to Japan – Day 10

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We left our Airbnb super early. We purchased our JR tickets to the airport, and put luggage in lockers at Tokyo station. We spent our morning at the tsukiji fish market. We waited in line for an hour for sushi at Daiwa Sushi. Once you are inside, you sit along the sushi counter and they have one tasting menu, and as they prepare each piece they place it in front of you and explain it. It was amazing – and so fresh! We then walked around the fish market and saw all the vendors. From there we walked around Ginza to the fancy shops, and walked all the way back to Tokyo station. We got on our train to airport, and arrived with enough time to shop and eat. Only there was just one souvenir shop, and two places to eat! Not quite what I was expecting. We bought a few things, ate McDonalds one last time (that or a weird Japanese restaurant). We said goodbye and Anthony and I got on a 13 hour flight to NJ. Then from there flew to Baltimore on a tiny plane. We were picked up by Kellahers, dropped by their house to get the car, ate delicious Wegman sandwiches before driving home to fall fast asleep! What an epic trip.



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