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Trip to Japan – Day 9

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We started out the day at the national Tokyo museum. The whole area is full of museums, the zoo, a baseball diamond. We chose to go to the museum with Japanese art. The area kind of reminded me of the National Mall, but in a park like setting.We headed over to Harajuku and had lunch at Las Dos Caras – Mexican food! It was super awesome. They had table side guacamole and other patrons were loving it and taking pictures. All the taco add ons (cheese, sour cream, guac, salsa), came in its own dish. So it was almost like a make your own taco. We then walked around Yoyogi park. On the weekends it is packed full of activity with Rockabilly dancers, all sorts of performers, and tons of people watching. We then walked around the high fashion streets of Harajuku including Cat street. From there we walked around another area where we went to a wine bar, and then to the arcade to do our own photo booth!  We had our last dinner together and an old school ramen restaurant. We ordered up front, then when we sat had our own window that opened and closed to bring us food. It was delightful. We walked home together one last time!



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