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Trip to Japan – Day 8

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With being out late, we woke up around 11. I went to the market next door for a Coke and some snacks. We took our time getting up and out and went to the Harajuku area and Takeshita street. It was really crazy busy, but fun to check everyone out in their crazy clothes. We ate McDonald’s and shopped around including buying gifts in Orientation Bazaar. From there we took a metro to Yokohama to meet Ryuichi and his wife. They showed us around the town. We saw the city from an observation tower, that had a super fast elevator (like Guinness world records fast), that took us to the top in a few seconds. We walked around the harbor, and to Oktoberfest! Quite a sight. Afterwards we walked through Chinatown to a restaurant where we sat at a big round table, and shared a tasting menu. The food was incredible! We exchanged gifts and were each given a Japan National Team scarf! It was so great to see Ryuichi and his home town.


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