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Trip to Japan – Day 6

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We woke up, packed, and left our Airbnb. We went to Kyoto station to get our JR tickets to Kyoto and a locker for suitcases. We went to Nishiki Market to walk around, buy gifts and try food on sticks including Kobe beef and a tiny octopus! We headed back to station for McDonald’s. By far…the best Big Mac I have ever had. We took a train to  Tokyo and sat on Mount Fugi side. When we arrived it took an hour to get to our new Airbnb after figuring out the trains. This Airbnb was fine, not as nice as Kyoto! We went to New York bar in Hyatt which is famous from its scene in Lost in Translation (Thomas’ great photo is below!). It had amazing views and we each got a cocktail. From there we took a train to Shibuya to do the crossing and to eat dinner at a sushi chute restaurant. We each sat on a stool with our own screen. In front of us were three conveyor belts. We ordered our food on the screen and within a couple minutes it came out on the belt, stopped in front of you where you took it off, and pressed a button to send the tray back. Way too much fun, and actually really tasty sushi! We walked around the corner to a small bar called Black Sheep. There was a dog at the bar, who was known to be testy. But she sat there, like a customer! She seemed sweet to me… Then it was back to bed!



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