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Trip to Japan – Day 5

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We had a late start since the boys were out late. I showered early and was ready, but waited for the gang to get going and left an hour after we had planned. We walked to Kyoto national museum which was holding a special Rinpa exhibit. It was awesome, and perfectly timed as my own museum has a Rinpa show coming up! I had more planned for the morning but we had to head to lunch for our reservation. It was a 25 min walk to Kappo Sakamoto, a traditional kaiseki restaurant. It was so amazing. The restaurant was located down an alley, through the back of a business building. It was a tiny room sitting on the stream with maybe 14 seats. We sat at the bar facing the kitchen. At one point a crane flew by the window and sat on a beautiful tree overlooking the stream. It was picturesque. In total we had 12 courses – fish, noodles, duck – everything. We also had sake, which was very good. It was great sitting at the kitchen because we got to talk to the chef. He took over the restaurant from his father, and he used to work in SF! His mother helps in the restaurant as well. Very wonderful place. They followed us out when we left and bowed until we reached the end of the street. What an incredible experience!

We then headed back towards the museum for the Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum, which was a potter’s house. It had its own kiln in the backyard, and was built in the traditional Kyoto style of houses. From there we went to Sanjusangendo, the temple known for the the 1001 Kannon statues. Afterwards while everyone wanted to walk home I stayed out and walked around the city some more. I used my book to visit a few traditional shops, and bought handmade paper. On my walk home I stopped by 7-11 for an afternoon sandwich snack. For dinner we went out to Gion for dinner. Our last night in Kyoto!



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