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Trip to Japan – Day 1

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I took notes on my phone while in Japan – here they are!


We woke up at 3 am in Crofton, as it was closer to BWI. Had the worst bagel ever in the airport. Flew to SFO, which is the best airport with the bets food. Got a delicious deli sandwich. Met up with Leslie, Stu and Thomas in the terminal – so ready to start our big adventure! We sat on the plane with me in the window and Anthony next to me, with the other three behind us. On the plane we chatted and watching movies (Ant Man, Inside Out). It was one of the those planes where the TV was in the aisle. I slept on and off. We got a lot of food on the plane. For a snack we had cheese and crackers. Our lunch was Korean chicken and rice. Then as we got closer to Japan we had a breakfast of eggs and potato. All these meals were always served with a roll and butter. There was also a lot of drink services – included free wine and beer. Finally we arrived in Tokyo! It took forever to get to our hotel. From customs, to getting our bags, to the JR line station to get our passes, to the train, to the metro and finally a short walk to the hotel. We stood outside the station and had no idea how to get to our hotel. Thomas and Anthony checked out the first vending machine, a Boss one! When I turned around a Japanese man was helping Stu with the map and he walked us with bike to our hotel. Our savior! Overall there was a general confusion on how to get places, with no signs in English – which makes sense. There were lots of people walking around, coming home from work. Our hotel room was nice, pretty small as expected. I stayed with Leslie in one room and the boys in another. It had two twin beds, and the boys the same but one slept on a tiny pull out couch. We all got ready for our first meal in Tokyo. We took the metro to dinner, at the Ninja restaurant. It was really crazy, but also amazing. It was a show the whole time, where you entered through a secret passage way, and at one point a foot bridge came out of a wall you had to cross, and the waiters were all dressed up like Ninjas. We had our own room where you sit on the floor but there is a cut out under the table for your legs. We had a tasting menu, which was delicious. At the end there was a Ninja magic show, which Anthony was amazed at! Afterwards we took the metro home and went to sleep! A great first day in Japan.

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