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Summer summer summertime!

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I’m hating all the back to school commercials, and the thought that the fall is just around the corner. I love summer, and this one has been incredible!

I’ve been to outdoor movies, happy hours outside, and the pool. I celebrated 4th of July weekend eating crabs and dancing on rooftops with Steph in town. I’ve been to wineries and twilight polo. I’ve eaten a lot of cheese on picnic blankets.  I’ve watched baseball games and soccer matches.

I’ve spent a weekend in Charlotesville with some of my favorite people having the best time ever, and a weekend in NYC with Steph doing whatever we felt like doing. I’ve also eaten a lot of meals in Annapolis, a perfect summer day trip. I’ve been to Leesburg on a girls trip in search furniture and brunch.

For work I’ve toured the Hirshhorn, the Uzbekistan embassy, held receptions at the galleries and watched an amazing Asia After Dark night unfold.

I celebrated my first year anniversary! We ate at the Red Hen and on another night laughed along at the Book of Mormon.

I’ve also been planning a trip to Japan! While I’m jealous of everyone and their August vacations to far flung locations, I remind myself that I too will be traveling! I think about October and what an amazing new experience I will have with great friends.

Now to savor the rest of summer, while it lasts. We’ll fire up the BBQ, run outside, and visit a few more local spots we haven’t seen (I love living in a city with unlimited activities).

The possibilities are endless while the sun is still shining!


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