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Whirlwind of April and May

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Since our return from Alaska, life has been non stop! Here are a few highlights

April 15 – SRS artist Studio Tour with Helen Zughaib. Look up her art, it is amazing.
April 16 – Nats Game
April 18 – Earth Day Concert, Shakespeare Theater tour and Man of La Mancha!
April 19 – Brunch at Central with the girls, and friend chicken and waffles
April 22 – SRS Gala After-Party…Pre-Party. That was a fun one to say over and over again.
April 23 – Day trip to Philly with the F|S Friends group – viewing of the Philly Museum of Art, lunch at the Stephen Starr restaurant and a venture off on my own to the Rodin Museum
April 26-29 – Atlanta for AAM conference. World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, MLK Historic Sites, party at the Fox Theater, party at the High Museum, Swann House, Margaret Mitchell House plus the tasting menu at Hugh Acheson’s Empire State South, all the food at the Varsity, and Richard Blais’ Flip Burger! And of course, learning a lot about museums!
April 30 – Wombats at the 9:30 Club

May 2 – Dinner at Stanton and Greene and drinks at Hanks for Lindsey and Michael’s b-day!
May 3 – Spa Day at Red Door Spa courtesy of Anthony, dinner in Crofton to see Amanda and Rhett!
May 5 – Back out to Crofton to see the Walker’s new house, dinner at our favorite pasta restaurant
May 6 – SRS tour of the Japanese Embassy and Ippakutei tea house, drinks at Ping Pong Dim Sum
May 7 – Ben Folds at Lincoln Theater with Court, Anthony, other friends including a childhood friend who moved to DC!
May 8 – Day in Richmond VA, lunch at Perly’s Deli, walk around downtown, the capitol, the executive mansion, the confederate White House and other historic buildings. Rehearsal dinner at the Norfolk Tides baseball game that went about 14 innings!
May 9 – Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA – Ed and Katie’s Wedding at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens
May 10 – Mother’s Day, Lunch at Taste in Norfolk, long drive back to DC!
May 13 – SRS at the NMAH Food After Hours event on sushi!
May 15 – F|S Gala and SRS After-party! So much fun, so happy that Anthony, Courtney, Lindsey and Nikki came to support me. Dessert, drinks, dancing, Museums, Art…what could be better?
May 16 – F|S Panel discussion on Art and Money, Opera in the Outfield at Nat’s Park, Pitch Perfect 2!
May 17 – Hyattsville Historic House Tour, Mount Vernon Wine Festival
May 18 – I did not get the memo that everyone shows up late the weekend after the gala, so I was let out early. I spent my few blissful first free hours in over a month…cleaning! But at least I can go home now and relax!

I have managed to still work out every day with this schedule. It has involved using a lot of hotel gyms and waking up early. Which isn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.

The rest of the month will hopefully be part relaxing while still busy!

May 21 – F|S Third Thursdays, keeping the museum open late for lots of fun and activities!
May 22-27 – Home to California! This will include a Mexican food night in Downey, my cousin’s wedding, Islands, In N Out, a hair cut, the beach, Charlie’s Chili, the Violent Gentleman Store and watching the DUCKS!
May 28 – F|S Friends Opening of Filthy Lucre
May 30 – SRS and Friends board meeting at a donor’s very own backyard Japanese tea house
May 31 – Tea at the Jefferson Hotel

I can’t wait for it all.


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