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I am a week and a half into the 8 week Tone It Up Bikini Series Challenge. What I have learned is this girls are insane. Their lingo is ridiculous. Working out in a bikini on a beach is maybe silly, but boy do they kick butt. In a week and a half I already feel stronger and can run for longer and feel great!

Each Sunday they release the weeks set of exercises. In week one I ran a 45 minute cardio routine, a 30 min run, multiple work out videos including a “Mermaid” routine, took a spin class that was super fun and ran a 5k! Now in week two there are more runs, cardio work outs and videos. I get why they don’t give you all 8 weeks at once because it’s hard to imagine completing everything. There is another 5k this Sunday, I have a feeling it will be a theme.

The best part has been having buddies to do it with. I work out almost everyday with Courtney and Lindsey (except the video only days which are easy to do at home). I went with them to their gym at Vida this week. They motivate me to keep running and not to stop, which I would do on my own. Anthony has also joined in a few times!

The next five weeks are going to be the busiest time of the year for me. I have events for work every week, plus our huge gala. I am going to Philadelphia tomorrow for work, and Atlanta Sunday-Wednesday for the AAM conference. I will be taking advantage of their gym and roof top track! Plus I am traveling to Norfolk, VA for Anthony’s cousins wedding (another great hotel gym) and to California for my cousin’s wedding (home! I will have to cardio in my pool!), and probably going to Charlottesville the very last weekend of the challenge. 5k to Monticello anyone?

Throughout the challenge we are supposed to focus on our goals we set the first week. A few of mine include leaving my desk at least twice a week to get outside (since my office is underground!), complete each weeks workouts, spring clean my house, along with other fitness and healthy living goals. I’m feeling good so far!

One side effect I did not expect was that I have traded my couch and TV time for working out! My DVR is piling up, and I am okay with that. Also, I never thought I could do an early morning work out, but I have already done a few. Including my 6:15 wake up this morning for a 30 minute jog and workout routine. I accomplish so much more by waking up and working out, and I feel much better than when I would wake up 20 mins before I had to be out the door. I am not a morning person at all, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Anthony has also been super helpful with cooking, cleaning and general words of encouragement and allowing me the time to do all these activities – plus still doing fun events like going to brunch for several hours instead of having to do more laundry!

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks go. From my full calendar of work, personal life and this challenge it is going to be fun/hard/busy/exciting/great!

#TIUTeam #BikiniSeries #100bySummer #TIUMermaid #TIUHusband #TIUIntentions #BeachBabe2 -What can I say, they like their hashtags!


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