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Anthony and I spent six days in Alaska earlier this month visiting his sister and family. They have been there for almost three years and this was our first visit! I can now mark another state off my list.

We did a lot in the days we were there. Even with the rain on and off we still saw everything we wanted to see including

  • Walked downtown, went into shops, ate at Homeport Eatery
  • Went to the restaurant where the real life Ramon from The Proposal works
  • Went to the McDonald’s and the grocery store with breathtaking views
  • Visited the Raptor Center to see bald eagles in recovery, and a 4 oz owl named Tootsie who I wanted to take home with me, so cute
  • Walked many trails
  • Nature walked through Totem Park to view their collection of Totem Poles
  • Went out on the boat on the sound, saw an otter hanging out, lots of starfish and sea cucumbers, sadly no whales, but did get off the boat to explore a shipwreck
  • Visited Will at the base and saw all the awesome helicopters he flies and brought sushi to the lounge
  • Felt very close to brown bears and black bears at Fortress of the Bears
  • Most importantly hung out with Rhett building Lego’s, watching his swim practice, picking him up from school, and watching him wiggle his front tooth which was about to fall out! And hanging out with Amanda and Will
  • Ate halibut caught by the Walkers
  • Drove end to end of the main paved road
  • Ate Mexican food at a place called Pizza Express, which was delicious and shared a bathroom with the movie theater
  • Ate Chinese at Kenny’s Chinese Food

I was warned several times that I would be shocked at how small Sitka is, but honestly, it felt like any other small town American city I have been to. The only problem is it is far, and in a way remote. The couple chains they have are McDonald’s, Subway and some outfitting stores. But they have a lot of other restaurants and plenty of outdoorsy things to do!

The worst part was getting back. Our first flight left an hour late because of deicing the plane…twice. Then on the ascend was struck by lightning which was scary. In Juneau we missed our connection and there was no way to get us back to the east coast that day. So we took our meal vouchers and our free hotel and spent the night in Seattle! Luckily my amazing old roommate and great friend Kelly picked us up from the hotel, took us to a delicious dinner, drank beer and ate hamburgers. Anthony and I spent the rest of the night walking to Pike Place Market, and the light rail back to the airport hotel. Monday we spent not at work as we planned, but flying back to DC where the city was awaiting us with cherry blossoms. While not the ideal way to get back, it was a great adventure and amazing seeing friends and Seattle!







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