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I had an amazing weekend in NYC with so many great friends. It is always awesome to see Steph, and getting to see Alex more than once a year is a huge treat! Plus all the DC Friends, Kevin, and Fish from college put the icing on the cake!

The weekend went pretty non-stop, which is typical. I drove the whole way up, getting in around 9 pm. We went immediately to Lil Frankie’s for an all out Italian fest. Pizza, pastas, dessert, red wine! From there it was onto Finnerty’s (naturally), where by surprise the Birdman writing team showed up with their Oscars to be passed around. We took a lot of photos, and holy cow is that thing heavy!

Saturday morning started off right with bagels. Then onto the New Museum, for a crazy exhibition and some amazing views of NYC. Next stop, a hot chocolate festival for some super thick and creamy hot chocolate and a giant homemade marshmallow! Then back to Stephs to change, and to the friends AirBnB for cheese and crackers. Then we went to Drag Bingo! Which was so fun, everyone was so into it. Alex won the raffle but we were all just one square shy of Bingo several times over. I guess we have to go back until we win! Afterwards we grabbed a slice, romped through the neighborhoods not finding any bar we liked so what to do then? Go back to Finns of course! On the walk back to Stephs we decided to grab some deli for a late night snack. When in Rome, am I right?

Sunday morning we went to brunch at Northern Spy Co, which was fantastic and then took off for DC because of the weather. The drive home was nuts, at one point I realized the windshield wipers we so loud because they had turned into ice cubes! What a mess. But it was all worth it! Until next time NYC (see you next week!)




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