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I cannot believe it is the end of February. The time to blog has completely disappeared. I blame it all on work…in a good way! I am really enjoying my job and have so many more opportunities now. This year I’ve had great events at a gallery, and a yoga studio for the SRS. With the Friends I’ve had a private curator led tour at Tudor Place. Next month I will be traveling to NYC for Asia Week, and the month after that to Atlanta! There are challenges, but I’m glad not to be bored at work anymore!

It’s hard to even remember what I have done in the past two months. There are a few highlights. January 26 Anthony and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary at Le Diplomate! I’ve been to happy hour with friends from grad school, a friend of a friend from SF – who is now a new friend, danced all night at a 30th birthday party, played a lot of Settlers of Catan, had a snow day, should have had a few more snow days, celebrated my first married Valentines Day, and attended a going away party for a fellow FC Cat!

Tonight I head up to NYC!!! Alex, one of my closest friends from high school is in town, and I will be staying with Steph! The girls from DC are coming with me, Kevin is coming down, and by pure luck another college friend Fish will be in town! It is sure to be a ridiculously fun weekend. I am beyond excited.

I’m hoping to do more (and better) blogging soon. I do miss it. Until then….


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