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2014 – what a year! A lot of big changes happened for me in 2014.

I spent the first half of the year planning my wedding. I had an amazing bridal shower and an incredible bachelorette weekend. I was often overwhelmed by all the love that surrounded me and how many of my friends traveled for me. I saw two of my favorite people get married in May, and spent another great weekend surrounded by friends in LA. I had the best day of my life marrying my best friend on July 26, supported by our family and friends. Anthony and I went on a honeymoon to Hawaii and San Francisco, the perfect way to celebrate our union to go on a new adventure and visit the place we fell in love. I started a new career, one that I worked for, for many years! I spent the last half of the year learning, working hard and enjoying it!

It’s hard to imagine that 2015 could top this year, but if it’s half as good I’ll be very happy! I’ll be turning 30 so it is a landmark year. I do have a list of 30 before 30 goals, but no major new year resolutions. My biggest goal is to travel, and we already have a trip planned for Alaska!

Happy New Year to you and yours! Enjoy a glass of champagne and dance on some tables.

The Best Day Ever

The Best Day Ever


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