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End of the Year

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Wow – has the end of the year gone by fast!

Thanksgiving was nice and low key. The beginning of winter wasn’t terrible. I had fun celebrating Christmas before Christmas in DC with trips to holiday craft fairs, shows and the annual Old Ebbitt half priced raw bar/holiday cocktail night.

I was home for a long break from December 17-29. I worked from home, but spent most the time eating and relaxing. I also got to know my parent’s new kitten Zooey – who is one crazy girl! I ate at Islands, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, El Taco, Miguel Jr’s, (see a Mexican theme here?), Knott’s Berry Farm Chicken House, two separate pizza places in LA, and lots of In N Out! I chopped my hair off, about 8 inches. I spent lots of time with friends including two hang outs with Brittany (one with baby Chloe!), two with Alex and Claudio which involved watching sports and taking shots (I swear no one else can get me to drink brown liquor but Alex!), an afternoon chatting with Kristen, and of course all the time spent with my family. Christmas with them is always magical. I got everything I wanted and more. Anthony and I also went to the Duck’s game on our last night in town. They sent us home with a win and the winning goal by my favorite player – a defenseman!

Tomorrow we are off to the Poconos to spend New Years Eve with friends. It is sure to be a freezing, but fun time!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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