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Leading up to the Wedding, and Rehearsal

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The final few days leading up to the wedding were great. I didn’t have a ton to do so I was able to enjoy spending time with Ian, as well as hanging out with Brittany and family.

Wednesday, I had my hair fixed – it wasn’t quite right from my earlier appointment. I swear it wasn’t a bridezilla moment, the hair stylist just didn’t put toner on and the color wasn’t blending.

Thursday, I packed up the car with Ian and we went to pick up my dress from the bridal salon. And then onto Annapolis to check into the hotel. We got there earlier than the rest of my family who was arriving in from CA, so we walked around downtown and got some ice cream. We had dinner at the hotel, and a few more friends arrived! It was so fun hanging out with Mary, Josh, Tilly, Courtney, Kacey and Jordan, Ian and Anthony. It was just like when we were kids, but now with our spouses!

Friends after all these years

Friends after all these years

Friday, my family plus the Pendleton’s had breakfast at Miss Shirley’s Cafe. Then my mom and Aunt Erica took me and Kacey to pick up Steph from the bus stop in Baltimore. Together we went to the jewelers to have my rings cleaned and ready for the big day. We also picked up snacks and drinks at Target. Then everyone got ready for the rehearsal.

The rehearsal went really well. We started out by standing in a circle and all introducing ourselves and everyone told us briefly how they knew us. It was wild to see all these important people standing together in once place. It was then that I knew it was real!

The rehearsal dinner was held at Carroll’s Creek in Annapolis. Cocktail hour was out on the dock and the dinner was held in a room with big windows facing the water and the sunset. The food was amazing, and we were surprised with cake pops that were designed with logos from the FC Cats, Anaheim Ducks, and Arsenal.

Afterwards, we met up with friends that were in town early. Again, so amazing seeing so many people from different parts of our lives in one room. I reluctantly went to bed before midnight to get my beauty rest. It was hard to fall asleep because I was so excited.

Rehearsal Group

Rehearsal Group


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