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The last few days

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It has been a busy and exciting last few days.

Saturday I got my hair cut and colored. Then Anthony, Courtney, Ian and I went to the flower farm to look at what will be used for filler flowers. I love going there, mostly because there are always kittens! This time there were three who were so cute! I will have to keep going back after the wedding to visit.We had lunch at Fat Boys Crab Shack, which is super delicious. Afterwards, we drove around Annapolis to check out the free parking situation for everyone coming to the wedding and went to Toys R Us for Rhett’s birthday presents. It is amazing how many toys there are.  Then we all went over to Crofton to hang out with Rhett and have dinner together.

Sunday, Anthony and I went to the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I did serious serious damage there and could have kept going. I bought two pairs of boots, a suit, work pants, work blouses, a skirt, jeans, and a couple sweaters. I spent the afternoon wrapping more gifts, and finishing packing. For dinner, Anthony and I took Ian to Bistro Bohem. It is the only Czech restaurant in DC and Ian talked to the waitress in Czech. I didn’t understand a word (except dekuji!), but the food was delicious.

Monday, I had physical therapy and everything is getting a lot better. I bought a foam roller for my IT band and it is helping a lot. I took Ian to one of his meetings at Big Bear Cafe. Anthony and I went to pick up his wedding suit from the tailor! Ian, Anthony and I then went out to Crofton to swim and eat by the pool for Rhett’s birthday, and have cake and presents at the house. All of his toys are so cool! Being 5 is awesome.

Today I am working from home because my wedding necklace is arriving in the mail from Alex! I preordered lunch for me and the bridesmaids Saturday, and confirmed with a few more vendors. My list has now shrunk to just three items which includes picking up my wedding dress on Thursday.

Brittany arrives tonight with her family! I cannot wait to see little Chloe who turns 1 years old today!!!

Czech Food!

Czech Food!



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