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One Week!

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In just one week from today, Anthony and I will be in Annapolis getting ready for our rehearsal dinner. I still can’t quite believe it is happening, even after 14 months of being engaged. Ian is already in town, which makes everything seem more real. I am very excited, more excited than nervous at this point. People have been asking if I am nervous for months now and I’m really not. I don’t know if that is because I am (overly) prepared, or that I’m just thrilled to finally get married to my best friend. I’ve been trying to not talk about the wedding to friends and family too much. I constantly read about how brides should think about others and be sure to ask how things are going in others lives before you launch into a boring talk on trying to figure out the perfect math for the number of slices of cake. But with one week left I plan to soak it up and talk it out! Because in just a week and a day I won’t have that option anymore.

Being a “hurry up and wait” kind of a person, I have already packed, wrapped gifts and contacted all the vendors for a final check in. All I have left to do is pick up the dress and drive to the hotel…which unfortunately I can’t do yet. Or I could….sitting in a hotel for a week does sound nice.

With Ian in town we have gone to Nando’s Peri Peri, in the pouring rain on Tuesday, BBQ’d in my backyard on Wednesday, and went to District of Pi last night. Tonight we are going to the Nats game where I plan to introduce him to either Shake Shack or the delicious Hard Times chili nachos! The rest of my family arrives next Thursday and will be here for a week!

I am hoping that I can soak everything up, take everything in, relax, have a great time and not have that “it all passed by in a blur” type of wedding day. I know once it comes it will go quicker than I want to, but I’m going to try my best to hold it all in for as long as possible.

That being said, I made a “Wedding Document” which is 16 pages long. It encompasses everything from my Google Docs I’ve been creating. It has the timeline, the photographers timeline, contact sheet for vendors and wedding party to name a few. It also has the seating chart, bus list and basically everything you could need. I printed off five copies and put them in to notebooks, I sent one to my day of planner and then to my mom and aunt. My aunt’s response was, “I love love love this, I am highlighting my parts” and my mom’s response was “OMG”. (Guess who I am more like?). On my daily phone call with my mom that night when I asked her what she thought of my document she said. I just want to you breathe, relax and know that if not everything goes exactly according to your document it will be okay. Things will work out, you’ve done all you can. And with her saying that, I am truly starting to believe it. I’ve made all the decisions I made, and I have to trust that they are all the right decisions and they will work out just fine.

I’ll let you know if they do in a couple weeks.



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