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May, oh May

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May was a pretty rough month. Anthony’s grandmother passed away after having an amazing visit during the shower. She had just turned 96. We attended her funeral in New York, and got to see a lot of the family. What was amazing about this whole experience was the outpouring of love that Anthony received. He was touched by every card sent to him. A small but meaningful gesture. She really was a great lady and I will miss having her at the wedding this summer, though I know she will attend in spirit.

I also dislocated my knee cap and broke my wrist while playing soccer on May 17. Less than a week later I was having wrist surgery. From visiting Eleanore in the hospital to spending time there myself, I can say without a doubt that hospitals are the worst! I now have a metal plate on my wrist and spent the rest of the month in a cast. Being an adult in a cast is a weird thing….makes me feel six years old, and not in a good way. I’ve received a lot of help and care from Anthony and all our friends and family. I particularly liked all the flowers and cupcakes I received, including a delivery from Georgetown Cupcakes from Steph! Nothing makes you happier than an assortment of cupcakes.

So I guess there is a silver lining to the month of May, knowing what a big support system we have out there when things don’t always go our way.

Post surgery cupcakes!

Post surgery cupcakes!


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