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Best Weekend Ever – Showered with Love

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I don’t even know how to begin!

Steph arrived Thursday night for the weekend. Friday morning we headed out to breakfast with Courtney before my first dress fitting. Only we made a detour and there on the street was my mom, Nana, and Aunt Erica. They had surprised me to fly in for the weekend for my shower. It was very emotional!

We had breakfast and I tried on my dress for the first time, which made everything feel so real. I’m so glad they got to see it, and we tried on different jewelry to see what will look best. From there we toured DC. We drove through Georgetown to see JFK’s old house, and John Kerry’s house. We went to the MLK memorial and to the Vietnam Memorial. We also went in to see Courtney’s office. Erica and Nana were able to see my apartment for the first time, and see Charlie Brown for the first time in four years.

Sunday was my shower. It was absolutely amazing. The amount of detail and work that went into it is out of this world. The dining room had a dessert table, a crazy pile of presents and a coffee bar. We gathered outback with a mimosa bar complete with fruit tray and four variety of juices. The tables were set up with chargers, special napkins, and heart shaped balloons. The food was all made with love by Courtney, Erica, my mom, Rose (Anthony’s aunt), Antoinette, and Katie (the amazing neighbor). We had yogurt parfait, cinnamon rolls, bacon shaped into hearts, strawberry bruschetta, bacon wrapped asparagus, salad, croque monsieurs, hash browns and quiche! There were two activities – one was a world map where people pinned where Anthony and I should travel in our lives. The other was writing date ideas on popsicle sticks. So cute!

We went upstairs to open gifts – which having all the attention and opening gifts not something I have done in a long time. I am overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of every gift. From Steph “going rogue” and showering me with so many fun gifts including a cookie jar (how I did not register for one is crazy) to a glass box with a K, to Erin picking out the chip and dip set I am so excited about using and including not one but two chip bags, a tallboy queso, and crab salsa. She knows me so well. My aunt embroidered an amazing ring bearer pillow, my Nana gave me a glass basket that was given to her mother as a wedding gift, and Antoinette had her parent’s forks engraved with our AW Logo and wedding date. I feel so loved!

The desserts were so good! My aunt made my favorite red velvet cupcakes, there were pretty macaroons (which made me feel so Instagram worthy), and three cakes brought down by Anthony’s Italian relatives…we did not go hungry. The favors included chocolates with photos from our engagement session on one side and the AW Logo on the other, and a tiny whisk! Perfect for my hot chocolates. I stayed in Crofton for the evening with Steph and the relatives, and Anthony came to meet us for dinner.

Sunday, my family and Steph all went to the White House garden tour. After we went to my rentals appointment to pick linens, plates, glasses, and silverware for the wedding. I am excited about how it is all going to look – and so happy my vendors don’t mind me showing up with a (very loud) nine person entourage. From there we took my family to see the venue, visit the flower farm and then finally to lunch at Cantlers!

The weekend ended too quickly and it was time to take Steph back to the airport. Though Sunday ended on a super high note. The Ducks beat the Stars to win the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!! The wedding gift I want most this year is for the Ducks to win it all.


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