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April Showers

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It’s April…and it’s raining! We haven’t quite hit the spring yet here in D.C., I’m crossing my fingers that it shows up eventually!

I’ve been waiting for April all year. I have a lot planned, but it is still far enough away from my wedding that I don’t feel stressed!

This past weekend was packed. After a two week plumbing debacle, we spent our last night at Anthony’s parent’s house on Friday night. Since we were in the area, we dropped by the Barn Show Saturday morning. I love the Barn Show, they have it in MD a few times a year. The rest of the year the owners are buying and fixing up furniture to sell. I want to decorate my entire house to look like the Barn Show. My mission was to find a china cabinet and there it was in the first room – the perfect piece. Anthony’s mom joined us, she is a regular at the show and knows everyone that works there. In the process she bought me an early birthday present – a new vanity! I love my vanity that I hauled from SF – but truth be told it is falling apart and the paint is peeling. My new one has more room, sturdy and a beautiful blue grey. The Barn Show strikes again.

I then met up with Erin at Union Market for some breakfast and shopping. We sat at the counter of Buffalo and Bergen, enjoyed some New York City bagels and cream cheese and I had a nutella cream soda. So delicious. In the upstairs of UM – called Dock 5 – the Thread event was being held. Around 20 vendors set up mini stores with everything from beauty products to clothes to beautiful leather weekender bags to art to books! I could have very easily spent $6,000 without trying (a nice piece of art, a new bag, a new dress and skirt!).

Saturday continued on with winning soccer game and then onto the first National’s game of the season! It was pretty chilly out, hot chocolate was key.

Sunday, Anthony and I went to the wedding event held at Londontown. It was nice to be at our venue and see it all set up. We met a few of our vendors we are using (DJ, Hair and Make Up), and secured the last few (Liquor store and limo!). From there I went to my hair and make up trial, and was all made up with nowhere to go! It made me excited for the wedding day and getting to know the girls who will help make me and the bridal party beautiful!

Anthony and I went to District Taco for dinner before settling in to watch Game of Thrones.

The rest of the month is going to be exciting. I leave for San Francisco on Thursday and will be spending the weekend in Sonoma for Jackie’s bachelorette weekend! The following weekend I have Good Friday off (working for a Jesuit university has it perks), and Anthony and I will be spending the day in Annapolis. That weekend is also Easter! The following weekend Steph will be in town and we will go to my first dress fitting on Friday, have my bridal shower on Saturday and on Sunday hit up the rentals to pick everything for the table settings from linens and glasses to plates and utensils!

Now we just need the weather to warm up and this could be one incredible month.

DipticImages: Barn Show // Buffalo and Bergen // Thread art // Londontown Wedding Show



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