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So my BFFAEAE is engaged. We actually got engaged on the same day, which is crazy. In two different countries in two very different ways. Mine very private, hers very public! It was closing night of her performance and she knew after the show they should stay on stage to sing happy birthday to a member of the audience. When Jordan walked up to the stage she thought, crap…I forget my boyfriends birthday! Then, he shouted out her name, swooped down to a stretched out one knee bend, and with his arm reaching for hers across the stage and asked, “Will you marry me!” She, freaking out of course, shaking her hands up and down and walking around in circles, finally got  herself together as they embraced and the audience cheered! In the audience was Jordan’s family (his sister captured it on film so I was able to see!) and Kacey’s mom who flew out.

It has been awesome going through the wedding planning process with Kacey. She will be in my wedding and I will be her Maid of Honor! Her engagement photos just came out and they are absolutely incredible. I think seeing these pictures is when it really hit me….my best friend is getting married! I still see us at eight years old, how can this be possible?! I love their love and I cannot wait to see them get married!

These are just three of my favorites, the whole gallery is up online here.




Could they be any more perfect?


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