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October Weekend

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While the calendar says it is October, the weather this weekend said it was the height of summer.

I had a great weekend that included another winning soccer game, 4-0. This one was complete with quarter water breaks. Just like when I was 9. After we had a few people over for a BBQ to celebrate the weather and the fact that our house is near complete! Afterwards we went to the new restaurant Rose’s Luxury on Barracks Row. I had a glass of champagne out of a fancy champagne saucer. It felt very Gatsby.

Sunday, Anthony and I went to a registry event at Crate and Barrel! It was so much fun. Even though I had downloaded their app, we opted to use the old fashioned scanner. It is way more fun that way. It is exciting picking out items together that we will use as a married couple. Right now everything is kitchen related, so we still have more work to do at other stores for bedding, bath and luggage! This is by far my favorite part of the wedding planning process. Though it is a bit stressful, I mean there are one hundred options for a single item at many different stores, how can you choose! I’m most excited to figure out new table settings. I don’t want to register for the plan white plates, so it will be a challenge.

Afterwards, we went to Union Jack’s British Pub to watch the Arsenal game. Our waiter was definitely Irish, but I never found a good moment to ask where he was from . They had a delicious brunch including bottomless mimosas.  So a few reasons to go back! We then went shopping around the Annapolis Towne Center, before meeting with his parents to go to The Point Grill. I had oysters, which I have been craving for awhile. The setting was beautiful at the marina. They have crabs there…I think this will be the next spot to try!

Okay, I’m ready for another weekend!





Union Jack's

Union Jack’s

Lunch with a View

Lunch with a View


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