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Goodbye September

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You have been a good month.

This weekend was great for me. Not so much for Anthony and Courtney who had to work Saturday. Sorry!

Saturday – I woke up early and headed out to the Barn Show. It is one of my favorite things of the year. A few times a year the Barn Show opens up to sell furniture and home goods. Each time I go I want to buy everything. This time I wanted to redecorate my entire bedroom around a vintage french vanity. I settled on a new stool for my old vanity (which made the trek across country from SF). I almost picked up a few items for the family room…if only they weren’t white and the thought of trying to stain them back to their natural color was too much. I also went to check on my bridesmaids dresses to see mix and match fabrics together, and then to the Annapolis mall to look at coffee tables at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel (Adult life is hard).
I was back to DC by noon to hit up Crafty Bastards, my other favorite thing of the year, with my grad school friend Mia. Then onto a soccer match, where we tied 2-2. It was perfect soccer playing weather! That night we relaxed in, which I think is my first Saturday night home in forever. It felt good.

Sunday – Anthony and I did our shopping early and went to Crafty Bastards (yes I love it so much I got a weekend pass). We met up with friends there. While I wanted a million things, I restrained myself to just one new item. It is by Little Green Things. They do sewn, reclaimed wood art by hand. I immediately hung it up the minute I got home. (see below!)
Crafty Bastards was followed by a clothing swap party at Jojo’s house. She is the ultimate host and had tons of treats and drinks. It was nice to unload some items I like, but haven’t worn in awhile and were taking up space in my closet. I picked up work pants, two blouses, a work jacket, a t-shirt, a dress, and a comfy sweater!
Sunday night was a big date night. Anthony bought tickets to see Saves the Day months ago. We had dinner first at El Centro next door. I had delicious fish tacos, and we split tamales, guacamole and chips, and churros for dessert….as well as a half carafe of margaritas and sangria. The show was great, it is nice to know that pop punk is not dead.  These two places also have special meaning for us! It is where our relationship began just over five years ago. Next month will be my four year anniversary in DC, and our official four year anniversary! The fall always reminds me of moving to DC. So this night out was a great way to celebrate it all!


My New Art


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