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Gosh Darn it’s Fall

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Saturday marked the Fall Equinox. Fall is officially here, whether I want it to be or not.

I thought when Summer ended, the craziness would too. But this weekend was equally as busy!

Friday – I went to my final Nats game of the season. We had great seats, Hard Times nachos, pumpkin beer, and they won. So it was a success. Afterwards, we went out for Little Beibers birthday at Jack Rose in Adams Morgan. World’s collided as two of my good friends Adam and Hilary from NYC were visiting for the weekend to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. We capped off the night with Thomas’ favorite doner shop, Doner Bistro, and sent him multiple Snapchats of us eating and dancing around with food.

Saturday – I went to the Library of Congress’ Book Festival. It is a must go for anyone who likes to read. They have amazing authors, and this year I saw Margaret Atwood speak. She is quite an incredible woman, very feisty and quick witted. I’m pretty sure every high schooler has to read the Handmaid’s Tale. I feel like I have to read it again now to fully understand it. I also love the State tent, California is always a highlight! This year I picked up a magazine about the best road trips in California.
That afternoon the FC Cats won our third straight game 1-0. As a defender I am proud to say we have had zero goals scored against us this year. The team we played was incredibly good, and I was lucky to have a few headers out of the box in some crosses. It feels good to win.
Continuing the busy day, we ended up at the rainy H Street Festival, and then onto Shake Shack and then to a Living Social for a concert series. The Band, Betty Who was amazing, and it was fun to have a dance party to Penguin Prison. He kept trying to join in but his mic stopped him short.  On the drive back to H Street to party some more I hit a wall. While Anthony didn’t agree at first (really all he wanted was District of Pi, but I could not do a fourth meal of the day…especially deep dish pizza!), in the end we enjoyed the extra sleep!

Sunday – With our early(ish) night in, we were able to get a ton done. We went to a wedding showcase in Maryland, which was way better than the one in DC. I’m glad that Anthony got to share in the craziness with me. Then we got a car wash, and picked up a new BBQ, essential gardening and home supplies at Home Depot, Lowes, and Home Goods. I’m almost ready for a housewarming! His parents helped bring back our supplies, and we all went to dinner at District of Pi. With that delicious pizza finally, the weekend was complete!


A few of us at the concert with the lead singer of Betty Who!


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