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September Weekend Recap

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On Friday night I babysat – the best kind of babysitting where the kid is already asleep. Not that I don’t love seeing them, but it makes the job a whole lot easier! I watched the SYTYCD finale. This season was a bit bleh for me, so I’m not sad it is over.

Saturday, I went dress shopping one final time, and I think it is safe to say I found my wedding dress! It is going to be a whole lot easier having the dress be here where I can do multiple fittings. I was able to face time with my mom in CA so I didn’t feel bad that she wasn’t here. I was glad to have her opinion and help making the big decision.
Afterwards we went to brunch at DGS Deli. Finally! This place has been on my list since it opened. It was pretty good. I also went to a Jewish deli after my first dress shopping appointment in Orange. I don’t know what about trying on wedding dresses has me craving a good sandwich! That afternoon was the second FC Cats soccer game. We won 3-0, and now have a 2-0-0 record, with no goals scored against us. Not bad.
That night Anthony and I went to Scott’s pig roast party, and when the pig was gone we went to dinner with Ben and Julia at the Red Hen in Shaw. Another restaurant off the list. This is right around the corner from where Ben and Anthony use to live, where there was nothing but dry cleaners, liquor stores and a weird Chinese food/sub/wings restaurant. Times in DC sure change fast!

Sunday, Anthony and I had the first half of our engagement shoot! Brandon was amazing. We shot around the U St area including the alley next to Ben’s Chili Bowl and down some pretty row house lined streets. Kelsey came along, and afterwards the four of us had brunch at the new Red Rocks on H St on the roof. I’m so happy Red Rocks is in my neighborhood!
That evening we went shopping, including Target where I bought a Philip Lim top. Steph is proud of me for being so on the fashion game.

Monday, we had the second half of the engagement shoot at the National Gallery of Art (can you guess who chose what locations?!) It was such a great location, and I have faith in Brandon taking amazing shots, I just hope there are a few ones where Anthony and I both look good! I’m excited to see the finished product.
Monday also turned out to be a crazy day in DC with the shootings at Navy Yard. It is always so tragic and sad when these acts of violence happen, no matter if it is in your backyard or not.

This week will most likely be another busy one. Anthony and I have a catering appointment tonight, and a Nats game this week! We have made some progress with planning, and put a deposit down for our cake baker! Priorities.


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