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Wrapping up August in DC!

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This past weekend was my second and final weekend in DC this summer. It has been a crazy fun and busy one.

Friday, I celebrated graduation with my classmates!

Saturday, I joined in the surprise party for Justin’s 30th. It involved a bus to wineries in Middleburg, VA. My favorite was Bluemont Vineyard. It had an incredible view, tasty wines, delicious baked brie and an acoustic guitar player with a Nats hat on.

Sunday, I had lunch with a few grad school girls before they left town, did a lot of yard work and watched as much of the VMAs as I could handle –aka up to the Justin Timberlake/NYSNC part! I don’t know about you but I’m in the camp of, not enough NSYNC. That was the only part of the VMAs I understood.

Monday, Anthony and I made the trek to one of my favorite restaurants ever… Medium Rare! I told the manager they need to bottle their secret sauce, when she laughed I looked at her straight and the eye and said…No, I’m not kidding. Any place that brings you a second portion of steak and fries is heaven to me. And their somehow simple garden salad is the best salad I’ve ever had. Normally we split desserts but this time we got two. The hot fudge sundae and the carrot cake. All this and a bottle of Bordeaux makes for an amazing Monday. Seriously, so good! I’d be in trouble if I lived anywhere near this restaurant.

I’ve also been running once a day to Courtney’s house to check on her kitties while she celebrates her birthday in SF! I pass the keys off tonight as tomorrow I am headed home!

I fly into LAX tomorrow and come back next Tuesday. In that time I will be going to four wedding dress appointments!, celebrating Courtney with my family, going to the beach, going to my hair stylist, and eating all my favorites — Islands, In N Out, Mexican food.  Ah, the life!

The Group (Photo Credit Erin!)

The Group (Photo Credit Erin!)

The tasting (Photo Credit Erin!)

The tasting (Photo Credit Erin!)

Bluemont Wines

Bluemont Wines

Me and Julia

Me and Julia


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