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Anthony, Courtney and I spent the week in Chatham, Cape Cod. I have been traveling there for a week every summer for the past several years to stay with my family. Taylor is almost 18 and Caley is 15. It is crazy how grown up they are. I am so happy I have been able to see them each year and spend quality time together.

We ate ice cream from Buffys every night, we had lunch at the Beach and Tennis Club, we laid on many beaches, went out to The Squire, went to the movies (go see The Way Way Back, it is so good!), we shopped down Main St, we drove with the windows down and the music up, and we had dance parties. We watched my cousins, and their cousins and friends play a soccer tournament, danced the fox trot and the bunny hop at the bandstand, cuddled and watched tons of bad TV (omg the Vineyard!) and saw the championship game for Cape League Baseball. Boats, sand, paddle boarding, sun and tons of fun! Seven days in Chatham is my yearly heaven. I love the cape and I love my family.

Nothing quite like a private beach!

Nothing quite like a private beach!

Cape Cod Cousins

Cape Cod Cousins


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