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An (early) Birthday Celebration!

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With the next month being crazy, I decided to do something fun for Courtney’s 30th birthday early!

I surprised her by taking her to Le Diplomat for dinner. I wanted to wait up to the last minute, but knowing her (because I’m the same) you want to look at menus before you actually go and plan what you are going to eat. So I sent her an invitation on Monday so she could check out the restaurant before we arrived. We ate early on to free up the rest of the evening. Even though we showed up at 5:30 it was already very crowded and by the time we left at 7 the tables were all full. I now completely understand why. It was possibly one of the best meals and dining experiences I have had in DC! I love the menu, the decor, the staff…all of it. They arrived at our table with an overflowing bread basket. Obviously we had to try all the varieties but sent the basket away knowing we would fill ourselves up before the meal even started. We started out splitting the sweet breads (on a recommendation from our waitress), and I also started with the onion soup, and Court had the escargot. Everything was phenomenal. For dinner I had my trusty steak frites and Courtney had the dish of the day, the lobster risotto. We heard the dish is one of the most popular for the restaurant and often sells out by 8pm. We had to finish with a dessert, of course! Courtney picked the Dark Chocolate Napoleon, and it came with a sparkler in it!

At dinner I gave Courtney her birthday card with two tickets to Book of Mormon in it! We headed off for the Kennedy Center and spent the evening seeing a new musical, for the first time together. Just like a million times before. It was hilarious and never boring. I have one of the songs stuck in my head today, mark of a good musical.

Overall, a perfect evening with my best friend.

Best Onion Soup Ever

Best Onion Soup Ever

Steak Frites

Steak Frites

Yay Happy Birthday!

Yay Happy Birthday!


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