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My One Summer DC Weekend

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This weekend was the only weekend that Anthony and I will both be in DC! It has been a whirlwind, crazy packed summer and it’s just the beginning of August.

We took advantage of the weekend by going out with friends to H Street on Friday night.

Saturday we went to our first catering tasting (which was awesome), and to a flower farm. The flower farm also had close to 30 cats on it. The youngest were 5 weeks old and so cute!!!! It took a lot to focus on the flowers and not on all the kittens running around. We ate local Maryland crab fair and then spent the evening at a porch and late night dance party. Ah summer.

Sunday Anthony and I went to 14th Street for the Dog Days of Summer to look for furniture, and I was shocked at how much the area has changed! Since I have moved back I have not been, and now there is a Taylors, Matchbox, Ted’s, and Taqueria Nationale and the new, very talked about restaurant Le Diplomat. Anthony and I took a stroll around his old neighborhood and marveled at the new high rise condos and the redone Wonder Bread Factory. We spent the afternoon hanging up most of our prints, doing some light yard work and overall putting our house into order.

While I’m happy to have this weekend in DC, I am SO excited for August!!! Vermont and Julia’s wedding, Cape Cod, my capstone course at Georgetown and all the classmates coming back into town, and a trip home to Orange!

Barn Kittens

Barn Kittens

Flower Farm

Flower Farm


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