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A PA Wedding Weekend

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Anthony and I attended his good friend, and old roommate, Chris’ wedding in Reading, PA this past weekend. Anthony was a groomsman so we were involved in the rehearsal, the dinner, and all the wedding day activities.

Friday the rehearsal dinner was at the Canal Street Pub in Reading, which had an amazing beer list. Perfect for Chris!

We stayed at the Bear Creek Mountain Resort, where the reception was. also held. I enjoyed my downtime in the hotel room while Anthony was involved in groomsmen activities. I sat by the pool, I ate in the cafe, I watched You Got Mail in my plush bed. It was amazing.

The ceremony took place at a church, and the best part of the whole day was seeing how happy Chris was. The minute she appeared at the top of the aisle, I saw him say…oh my god, and the tears starting forming and he looked to the ceiling to compose himself, but never could! It was wonderful seeing how truly happy he was, and isn’t that what its all about?

It was also wonderful to spend time with friends I don’t see very often. It reminds me how big a network we have out here in DC!

Now just two weeks until the next one!

A Reaction to Gibb's Speech

A Reaction to Gibb’s Speech

Anthony - Stu - Gibbs

Anthony – Stu – Gibbs

Me and Anthony

Me and Anthony


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