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This past weekend, Anthony and I took a trip up to New York to visit friends. This summer is jam packed already, so what was one more weekend away? Instead of staying in the city as we normally do, we stayed with Andy in Bushwick in Brooklyn. It was a whole new side to the New York I know and love. My favorite part was all the fire hydrants open because it was sweltering out. Just like the movies!

Friday night we went to Night of Joy to Rachelle’s birthday party! It was a cool little bar in Williamsburg and I got to catch up with Rachelle, her friends, her sister, Alex Z and Steph! Anthony, Andy and I ended up at Crif Dogs where I got the Jon-Jon Deragon – aka a hot dog with a  schmear of cream cheese, scallions and everything bagel seeds. We got home around 4am, true New York style.

Saturday, Anthony and I walked around Bedford Street in Williamsburg to look at the shops, eat bagels, and feel generally uncool for our lack of thigh tattoos and hipster gear. I finally got to go to my favorite jewelry and knickknack store Catbird! The last few years Anthony has bought me presents from this store and I am so happy I got to see it in person. Of course I left with a few more trinkets. Which was restraint when I wanted to buy out the place. I also bought a dress at Jane’s Closet, a super cute boutique, and had a lovely conversation with the British shop girl at Antoinette’s vintage store. We watched some soccer leagues in the park before meeting with Andy at Spritzenhaus for a summer beer! We then moved onto dinner at Roberta’s Pizza with Steph, which was equally delicious as it was entertaining. They have a beer funnel in the backyard and quite the clientele. We had the most amazing pizza and snap peas! Afterwards we went to the Brooklyn Wreck Room where we had more friends meet up including Anthony’s cousin Ed, his girlfriend Katie, two of my Georgetown classmates Anna (former London flatmate) and Kristen, as well as Adam and Hilary – two friends from SF! It was so great to be able to see so many people.

Sunday, we headed uptown to the Frick, a museum that has long been on my list to visit. It was absolutely stunning and so nice to be able to flex some of my art history skills. I’m going to count this as one of my favorite museums…ever. For lunch, Anthony, Andy, Steph and I went to Carnegie Deli. Anthony had never been and was constantly saying Katz was the best…but how could you say that if you haven’t tried them all? I love Carnegie for their giant roast beef sandwich. Now that is my heaven. We headed back to Brooklyn to hang out a little bit longer before having to leave for DC. It was a packed and perfect weekend. I can’t wait to do it again soon!!!

SF in NY. Alex, Steph, Me and Rachelle

SF in NY. Alex, Steph, Me and Rachelle

Andy and Anthony

Andy and Anthony

Brooklyn Hydrant - cooling system and free car wash

Brooklyn Hydrant – cooling system and free car wash

The Frick

The Frick

Carnegie, Bagels and Roberta's!

Carnegie, Bagels and Roberta’s!


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