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Vegas Recap

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Vegas, baby, Vegas.

Vegas was a blast. I had an incredible weekend with 8 of the loveliest ladies I know. I’m pretty sure we did everything you are supposed to do in Vegas, and survived!

It started out not great because our 7:55pm flight was delayed for really unclear reasons (someone messed up the schedule and the crew was missing?!) and we ended up in Vegas much later than we had expected. But we powered through and had a great first night in a suite at the MGM Grand. Kirsten, Julia’s MOH decorated and it looked amazing. We played a few bachelorette party games before heading off to sleep!

Friday we had a cabana at the pool. We were there from 10am to 5pm. It was awesome, and perfect weather. We took a few trips around the ‘lazy river’, sun bathed, and had our fill of food and drinks. Everything came on the menu to share so while it may be ridiculous that nachos were $50, it was the biggest bowl of nachos I’ve ever seen in my life. After the pool everyone took naps, and Courtney and I who are no good at naps decided to go on an epic walking quest to the In-N-Out. We crossed over some freeways, may have stopped a traffic cop to confirm our directions and eventually made it! For awhile there it felt like it was just a mirage and no matter how much we walked it was still in the distance. It was so worth the trip for that double double, fries and a chocolate shake! We all got ready in one hotel room and headed out for a night at Marquee in the Cosmopolitan! We ended up skipping the taxi lines each time we went out as a group because it was better to take limos! We had a table and bottle service at Marquee, which ended up being way worth it because we had room to dance, didn’t have to wait at the bar, and had our own personal security that made sure to keep our area VIP. Half way through the night Carlos Boozer showed up at the table next to us. All the sudden his area was packed with girls. We ended the night by jumping up and down to Icona Pop before making our grand exit.

Saturday we spent the day walking around the strip and seeing the different hotels. We started out at New York New York where we ate deli sandwiches and pizza for breakfast, we walked through the shops and the M&M store. We went into Paris and ate a chocolate croissant and drank a mimosa. We watched the water show at the Bellagio and walked through the conservatory. We went to the Mirage and Siegfried and Roy’s secret garden where we saw dolphins swimming, and later a tiger taking a bath in his pool! After that we all went back to the hotel to get ready for another great night. We took a limo to the Venetian and walked down the canals before dinner at Bouchon! Dinner was incredible. All of the food, the drinks, the service…everything was perfect. One of the best restaurants I have ever been to. They started out the meal with fresh baked bread dropped right in the middle of the table, and warm pistachios. For dinner I had soup l’onion and steak frites. I tried other dishes on the table including the bone marrow, lamb and an oyster! For dessert we ordered a few to share. The Crème brule was to die for. We finished off the meal with espresso martinis. The best part of the night was Ben calling ahead to have wine delivered to our table, what a guy! In addition to the food being amazing, we were seated at a round table and were able to all chat and tell our favorite Julia stories. With that, we took off to our other big event of the weekend…Thunder from Down Under! It was hysterical and just like Magic Mike, without the Channing Tatum. After that a few of us continued the party at a piano bar in New York, New York until 3 in the morning.

Sunday morning we checked out of our hotel and spent the morning at the Caesar’s Palace buffet Bacchanal. It was food paradise. They have over 500 items and drinks and everything was included. Just a few of the items I ate were….eggs, bacon, croque madame, red velvet pancakes, chicken and waffles, sushi, Chinese pork bun and noodles, yogurt parfait, crab leg, French toast, cheese and salami, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and then the desserts….chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chip cookie with fudge in the middle, apple pie, carrot cake, oreo mouse cake, and a chocolate peanut butter cupcake. Luckily all these things were in mini form and over the course of a few hours.  After stuffing ourselves we walked through a few more of the hotels including the Forum shops at Caesars, Treasure Island, Cosmopolitan, Aria and Monte Carlo. We stopped in a sports beer bar at Monte Carlo and relaxed for a few hours. After that, it was time to make our way back to the hotel and to the airport for our red eye back to DC!

I don’t know what I loved most, the pool cabana, the VIP table at the club, sightseeing at the hotels, Bouchon, TFDU, or brunch. I do know that we made the most of our weekend and gave Julia the send off of a life time!



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