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Ford’s Theater Gala

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I forgot to list one of the best things I have done since I have been home! I went to the Ford’s Theater Annual Gala. It was really great. All the performers were spectacular and the dinner at the Smithsonian’s central courtyard between the American Art Museum and the Portrait Gallery was incredible. I always wanted to go to an event there. Brian Stokes Mitchell (yay musical theater nerds!), was amazing, but even more so was the tiny tapper – who also performed on the Tony’s this past weekend. I would die to have half as much talent as this 10 year old kid at any age. The two award recipients were Condoleezza rice and Bill Russell (fellow USF Alum!)Their speeches though couldn’t be more different from each other, were both very touching.

Anthony and I at the Gala hung out with (aka stood next to at the bar) Eric Stonestreet, Cam from Modern Family. I also made it a goal to meet two of the stars from Nashville, Gunnar and Scarlett! They performed two of my favorite songs at the theater, and spoke in their accents! Clare is from Australia and he is from England. We were near Clare first and she was just with her date. I mustered up the courage to go over and say hi, and she was incredibly sweet. I was so happy afterwards I almost left without meeting Gunnar. Sam was wrapping up an interview when his manager started talking to me. He was as nice as can be, and we even chatted about London a little bit. He got pulled away for pictures, and when I left I realized I should have asked for one too! Oh well…next time!



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