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It’s been awhile. London was amazing, and life will never be ‘back to normal’ or the same, but I am loving this new normal!

I have been home for three weeks. And quite a lot has happened in that time!

Week one – My parents were here when I arrived home from London with Anthony. Which was perfect timing because both families could celebrate our engagement together. I walked in graduation on May 17! Which was great. Though I am not technically done until the end of August, it was such a great feeling to walk across that stage. I was a tourist with my parents, and we went to the National Gallery of Art to see the Pre-Raphaelite show (to show off my knowledge), the American History Museum (to show them where I volunteer!) and the Air and Space Museum. We also went to Arlington National Cemetery, Ford’s Theater, the Peterson House and Mount Vernon! We spent a day in Annapolis as well. Food is always important and highlights were at Surfside, Ben’s Chili Bowl and at Argonaut where I got to see all the friends I have missed! My parents and I also went down to Williamsburg for two days. It is such an amazing place, and I see more every time I go! And of course, my dad is in his Heaven when he goes there. He asks about a million questions, talks to every settler, and reads everything he can. We even went on a ghost tour…which was seriously scary. The best part was having dinner at Anthony’s parent’s house with his whole family and my family celebrating our engagement. It was a special night. I was sad to see my parents go, but so happy they could take a week to come visit.

Week two – Memorial weekend! It was very busy. I went to a BBQ at Liz’s house because her parents were visting, went out on H Street for the first time with a few friends, went to a BBQ at Justin’s for memorial day and my first Nat’s game of the season! I spent the work week half at work and half out and about organizing my life. Anthony and I spent Wednesday looking at some apartments not quite sure what we would find. We decided to only agree on an apartment if it was amazing, since we have no deadline to move out of our currently amazing situation. But we found an incredible carriage house and I am so excited to move in next month! It is bigger than our last place, and has a private patio. It is also behind an amazing row of houses in a great neighborhood. While we weren’t looking that hard, it was too good to pass up. Friday, we decided to drive around some of the venues I had looked up for our wedding. We wanted to just drive around and see what we liked and didn’t like before setting up meetings. The second place we saw was incredible, and we ran into the events director who gave us opening dates and information. I told myself we had to look more to make sure. It was a great day driving around Annapolis with Anthony, Antoinette, Amanda, Rhett and then Court came to meet us. She hadn’t gone to our morning venues, so we took her back and while she was suppose to be the reasonable voice she started crying walking around. That is how we chose Historic London Town and Gardens! It has a colonials settlers village,  historic house, on the water, built in wedding venue area plus acres and acres of gorgeous gardens. It is absolutely perfect for us and I get so excited thinking about! Now for all the work to begin to prepare for July 26, 2014!

Week three – I played in my first soccer game! It was quite an exciting game. We came back form 4-0 to tie it 5-5! All we needed was a few more minutes to win it. I also had a great time at the old Car Barn Pool! Just like old times. Also, watching team USA practice was great. That Clint Demsey is quite talented. Also number 6 defender is my new favorite!  I started my fellowship which has been amazing. It is challenging for sure, but I am finding out what it means to be a trusted employee. The first week went by fairly quickly, I can’t imagine how the next 9 are going to go! This past weekend I went to happy hour at a new bar on Capitol Hill called the Saloon – which had delicious drinks. Saturday we went to the Annapolis Arts and Crafts (and wine!) Fair, and Anthony’s parents had a BBQ.  Sunday (today!) I had my first day back volunteering! Even though I’m there during the week, I still love my time in the museum volunteering. It is great to stay connected to the visitors and what is actually happening in the museum. This afternoon I went to Anthropologie and spent all my gift cards from graduation on dresses for all the weddings this summer!

I am so excited for this summer – the three weddings, a bachelorette trip to Vegas, Camping, a trip to NYC, a trip to the Cape, a trip home, the fellowship work and wedding planning! Today is the first day I have felt like I’ve had a little bit of time to catch up and relax! I’m not thinking there will be a lot of that in the next few months but I do hope to continue blogging. In the meantime, I am loving being engaged (mostly by staring at my gorgeous ring), loving being home and just loving life!

Family (missing Ian) at Graduation!

Family (missing Ian) at Graduation!

Anthony Checking out historic signs at our wedding venue (our wedding is going to have historic signs!!)

Anthony Checking out historic signs at our wedding venue (our wedding is going to have historic signs!!)


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