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My very dear friend Jackie had the most amazing weekend of her life….she got engaged!! I just love this post and had to share. By the end I was tearing up. Congratulations Jackie and Dave!!!

Year of the Ratty

On Friday morning at Muir Beach Overlook, David Opel asked me to be his girl for life. What I thought would be another great weekend in wine country ended up being the best weekend of my life. It started like this: It was Friday morning (we had both taken the day off ) and we went to our favorite breakfast spot on Divisadero, the glorious Eddies! I remember thinking that for all the years I had frequented Eddie’s, these were the best  mugs they’d given me to date…

photo (1)

We hit the road for what I thought was a trip to Guerneville and a stay at the Applewood Inn. Turns out D. Opel had been making some fake elaborate plans for the past couple months to throw me off. We headed across the Golden Gate Bridge and he said he wanted to show me this place with a cool view…

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  1. Love ya gal! Thanks for sharing my story 🙂 2014 baby!


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