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Farewell DC Weekend

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This was my last weekend in DC, and it was great!

Friday – After work Anthony and I ran some errands and stopped in at Graffiato to sit at the bar. I had their delicious prosecco and we split flat bread with pizza sauce, spaghetti, brussel sprouts, and short rib ravioli! It was an impromptu outing but satisfying as always.
Afterwards I went to the Rent the Runway Living Social event with Julia, Erin, Kelsey and Jojo. The event was a bit intense, but always fun to hang out with the girls.
That night was my going-away-for-a-short-time party at Little Miss Whiskeys. I am so happy with everyone that came out to see me. I had a blast and ended the night trying out the new cheesesteak spot Steak and Ice…which was SO GOOD.

Saturday – I went with Anthony to his soccer game in Columbia Heights so I could stop by the shopping center for some last minute items. I watched the second half of his game and afterwards..we want back to Steak and Ice! Apparently it is good enough to go twice in less than 12 hours. We chatted with the owners a bit and tasted some Italian Water Ice. I just looked at their menu and noticed pizza fries? Ok..can I go back again?
Afterwards Anthony and I moved a few things into our new storage space and took a car load up to his parent’s house in Crofton and stayed for dinner. After Anthony and I went to Kelsey’s house for some relaxing friend time. It was nice to be able to chat, and watch TV and have quality friend time!

Sunday – The final FC Cats game for me for the season. Anthony embarrassed me and made me captain. We played a really great game and won 3-1. It’s amazing how much better individuals and us as a team have gotten better over the years.
Then a group of us (Anthony, Courtney, Ben, Julia, Dan, Erin, Kelsey, Adam) went to Argonaut for lunch/dinner as a last gathering. I had fish tacos and french fries. Argo is one of the first restaurants I ever went to in DC, so it’s always nice to go back!




Some photos from the event, and my uniform from Sunday!



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