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First few days in California!

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I arrived at LAX on Saturday night at 7pm. Straight from there we headed to the best place in all of Orange County, the Islands in Orange for some nachos and my favorite Moa Kai and fruit punch 🙂  It’s like being 10 all over again.

Sunday, I went to breakfast with my Nana and Aunt, and then went to get a Christmas tree with my parents are the Home Depot. My mom said my dad and I picked out the Charlie Brown of trees, to which my dad responded that if we didn’t take it then it wouldn’t have a home. Awwww. I don’t think its that bad, all you have to do is put the weird part towards the back! For dinner my dad BBQ’d burgers!

Monday, I spent all day doing work. I woke up at 6am to discover that all of my colleagues decided they needed to send a holiday card….last minute. In the past two days I’ve had about 30 emails to create…average day? three… So my work hours have been full. At night I went to dinner with Kristen who is my best friend from elementary school and jr high. We played on the same basketball and soccer teams. We lived down the street together and walked together to elementary school and carpooled in Jr high. We did summer camps and Girl Scouts together and were always number 1 and 2 in our classes in elementary school (not sure who was 1 and who was 2, I’m guessing I was the 2). I went to visit her in college in Utah and she taught me to snowboard by going down an entire mountain completely backwards. We always get together every time I’m home to catch up. Those emails throughout the years help us keep up to date, but nothing is like the real thing! She is also one of those rare people who don’t have social media so email and getting together really is the only way to stay in touch. We ate at a new California style BBQ restaurant in the Orange Circle. I had the ‘street tacos’ and a side of mac and cheese. Afterwards we went to get frozen yogurt and prolong our time together! We didn’t stop long enough to take a picture…next time!

Today I woke up at 6am again to do a phone call with people at work to get a high profile email out, then I went to the Doctors! So yes it has been an exciting day. Afterwards however I picked up Carl’s Jr for me and Ian and we are now watching Elf! So not such a bad Tuesday after all.

More fun to come!


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