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Last Day of Internship

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Today was my last day of internship in the development department at the National Museum of American History. The semester flew by, I was going through all my emails from today to see what I had accomplished over the semester and looking back on some of the assignments it felt like I had turned them in just last week. Today I gave a tour of the FOOD exhibit to the development department and at the end of the day my managers threw me and another intern a party full of cupcakes and wine! They also presented me with a present, a great book on the Star Spangled Banner. It has been a long time since I had to say goodbye to anyone! Though it is more a bye for now… It has been a dream of mine to work behind the scenes of the American History museum and I’m so happy I was able to accomplish it. A year ago I would have never thought this is where I would be in my life, and I walked out of the museum with the biggest smile on my face. Life is good, and it seems to just keep getting better.

Check me out all official on the NMAH Site!


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