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End of the Semester Parties!

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Last night my classmates and I went out to the quintessential Georgetown bar, The Tombs! It was ridiculous and a lot of fun. We also went to Old Glory and Mr. Smiths. It was nice to spend time with my classmates and not have to worry about school work! I have a feeling London is going to be tons of fun.

The best part of the night was we were waiting for half the group to cross the street because they were being slow, and I looked over to the other side of the street and walking briskly, hands in pockets, looking great was CONAN O’BRIEN! I wasn’t sure at first, and then I was like…no that’s him. And I said, Conan? And then everyone turned to him and I shouted out Hey Conan! And he paused for a second, and then puts out both hands into cat claws and growl/meows at me! Reoorr! Omg I nearly died. Apparently afterwards when he was headed down the street I shouted, We love you! And over his shoulder he shouts back, Love you too! Best night ever!!



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