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These past few days have been very strange, I almost keep forgetting it is Halloween! DC was not hit by Hurricane Sandy in the same way that our neighbors to the North were. All those pictures of NYC and NJ, and Ocean City MD were really crazy. I seriously can’t imagine how Steph survived without cell service! I’m glad to know my friends are safe, and I hope things get back on track soon.

Now for the fun! As I mentioned earlier, Halloween is not my favorite, but I always did get into the spirit when I lived with Kelly and Rachelle. They were incredible at their costumes, especially Kelly. The creativity, the execution, the total commitment to stay in character…all so inspiring! Seriously, check out these costumes below.  While a couple are from other parties, and Bay to Breakers…they are hard not to include. Which one is your favorite?

Love you Kelly you are the best!!!! Now move to DC so we can play soccer together 🙂


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  1. hahaha! I love the “greatest hits” album. Nancy would not have been possible without your ice skates nor Rockford Peach without your hair curling abilities. I can’t choose a favorite. I just get uglier.

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