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Historic Houses and Halloween

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On Friday I went to two historic houses in DC. I had never been to either, and I love historic homes, so that was exciting. During the day I went to the Dumbarton House to speak with the Education Manager to talk about visitor services in small house museums, and their public programming. It was actually very exciting to hear everything they do, and I’m that much closer on my final foundations paper! Next week I’ll be meeting with people from the Kreeger, the Hillwood and also the National Gallery of Art. The amount of work I’ve put into this one paper and presentation alone should earn me an A+. At night I went to Tudor Place, also in Georgetown, for their History Haunt. They had tables of treats, hot and cold spiked apple cider, and tours of the grounds. While I won’t be writing on the Tudor for my paper, it was great to actually attend a public program at a small historic house museum.  Enough boring you with school talk.

Halloween has always been my least favorite holiday. I think it stems from when I was 13 and trick or treating with my friend Kristen and a woman opened a door, looked right at me and goes, aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating? Even though Kristin is over two months older than me! Curse of being 5’8″ and 13. I dressed up a ton for musicals, and for dance shows. So Halloween was not really that exciting for me. I did have fun in SF living with Kelly and Rachelle because they were so into it, it was hard not to get swept up. But even those years I was a sailor for like…three years in a row. I have the most work of the semester due these next two weeks, and with all my interviews lined up for my paper, I just don’t have time to find a costume, or spend it getting ready, being out, sleeping in the next day. And I’d rather spend the free time I give myself with people I like, and doing things I care about.

For example…Friday night I went to Jojo’s house to see all my friends that it’s been hard to keep up with through all the school work! It was nice to sit around with the girls, eat some Halloween treats, and see Reed the dog! I went straight from the History Haunt and stayed less than two hours because Anthony was at home. Short but sweet. I was told, somethings gotta give between working full time, being a full time student, interning and volunteering…and still playing soccer. The things that fall under the ‘gotta give’ are, social life, television, reading magazines, keeping up being neat and tidy, and shopping! If I had a day off, I’d go walk around a mall. Ah that sounds like bliss.

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