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A Soccer Saturday

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This morning I went to the Corcoran Community and took a tour led by Anna! It was pretty loud in the museum with lots going on, but I was able to see Anna give a tour and I can use it for a museum tour paper I have to write. Two birds.

This afternoon the FC Cats won our soccer game 5-1. We passed great, took shots, and played a powerful defense. The team we played wasn’t terrible, they just didn’t have subs or a very strong goalie. I’m glad we took advantage of that. It’s nice to win some!

Tonight Anthony and I went to see DC United play their last regular season home page with some of his other soccer teammates. It was the most packed I had ever seen it and everyone was cheering, yelling, and having a great time. United won the game in extra time! Every goal erupted the whole stadium but that last one was off the charts. The reason was DC United either needed to tie or win to secure a place in playoffs. Having the tie after being down 2-1 was great, but the final goal was incredible. DC United eliminated the Columbus Crew by winning. I didn’t know that until I got home, but it makes sense because both teams were so aggressive and intense. It is the first time I have seen one player (Columbus) literally reach out and pull another player down to the ground by grabbing their jersey and pulling. Columbus had at least three, maybe even four yellow cards. I feel like four yellow cards by different players should equal one red card for one player, because they were playing dirty.

Playoffs are in a couple weeks. This was a pretty good season of sports for me being at the game the Nats clinched the playoffs and now DC United!

Lewis Neal leaps with delight after netting the game-winner – Washington Post


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