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Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is pretty much flawless. I think her fashion blog is one of the best there is. Every outfit she puts together is different, even if she uses the same pieces. Her styling, hair, locations…perfection. And she never overdoes it with the amount of pictures or posts. When I see her blog I can’t help but think. Yah…I pretty much have no fashion sense. I like to read her captions and see what designers she is mashing up. It is usually a great mix of designers like Dior, Tory Burch, Tibi, Karen Walker, and also stores like Top Shop, JCrew, Zara. I noticed her rings in her latest post, and of course with my arrow obsession, fell in love with them. It linked to BaubleBar where she has her own shop where you can buy the rings, and other jewelry she has worn in her posts. I’m trying to refrain from buying it since I drank a lot of wine last night to unwind from the week and ended up buying a plane ticket home for Christmas, the Wen hair care beginner package and studded smoking slipper shoes. I do plan on drinking more wine tonight so hey…you never know what may happen.

Arrow Rings


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