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Happy Birthday Alex!!

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Today is my dear friend Alex‘s birthday!! Yay! Alex and I went to high school together. She thought I was a bitch the first time I crossed the floor in dance class, and I was intimidated beyond belief by her, so it would make sense that we would end up becoming the best of friends. After high school we both went to San Francisco for college. We spent our girls night out at Lush Lounge, drinking slushy margaritas (see photographic proof of this below). After graduating from college we took the obligatory trip around Europe. I have such amazing memories of dancing at Jimmy in Amsterdam, drinking Guinness at 10am in Dublin, dragging her around to all my favorite places in Florence, finding all the best vintage stores in Paris, eating Haagen Dazs in Berlin, celebrating my birthday in Barcelona and laying out in Southern France. I am hoping we can do some sort of new European adventure in the spring!! I am excited for her for what is to come in her life. I have a feeling this will be the best year yet!

I will now without permission post pictures of Alex because she is my biggest fashion inspiration (I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw her in jeans, I am also pretty sure she doesn’t own a t-shirt) and also quite the beauty.


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  2. Man have we had some amazing times Whit! I love you so much! I am for sure going to visit you while you are in London! I cannot wait. xxoo


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