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Columbus Day Weekend

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I have already written about Anthony’s tattoo, the Ben Folds Five concert and the DC Fine Art Photography Fair, but that isn’t even everything I did this weekend! Besides reading tons of articles, writing a paper, and a proposal I also went to the Mount Vernon Wine Festival and to dinner at Belga Cafe!

First of all, Mount Vernon was a great success. Jojo and Courtney sadly could not make it so four tickets were up for grabs. I knew that some of my classmates would be interested in going….living museum, plus wine…what more could you want? I had a great time with Kate, Elizabeth, Marni and Brittany. I even went into the house, and the rarely opened cellar. It was great to use our knowledge from classes and apply it to what we were seeing and chatting with the docents after sampling a few wineries. It was great having the regular gang there too, it is hard to see them as often with school taking up so much time. I also ate my delicious BBQ Sandwich and went home with three bottles of Blue Crab wine! Perfect for Anthony.

Saturday night, Anthony and I went to Belga Cafe. It was our first time. The chef is going to be on the next season of Top Chef so we knew it would be good to get in before it aired. I really wanted a steak, so I had the Le Vrai Steak Belge – Belgium steak with real Belgium french fries. It was delicious Anthony had this Chef’s Dinner, which as he says, it is one of those dishes you talk about on the show My Last Meal. It was a platter of fries, and beef cheeks and foie gras and truffles and had this emulsion foam you could dip it in. It was decadent  The next time I go I want to try their mussels.

So yes, it was packed and awesome three day weekend.


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