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Saturday was an interesting day! I had plans to go to the Virgin Mobile Free Fest only for Ben Folds Five. I am not a big fan of concerts, it hurts my knees to stand for so long, there aren’t many bands I feel I need to pay for to see. It has never been my thing. Plus growing up in Orange County during the whole pop punk phase and people being so into that, and then living in San Francisco where music is the utmost important thing in people’s lives, I’ve just never had that same kind of passion for music, so I tend to be more passive about it. Not that it’s a bad thing, just not at the top of my priority list.

I left the house between 2 and 2:30 for a 4pm show. I looked it up, it takes less 45 mins to get there, and I figured with parking and walking in and everything 2pm would be fine. Boy was I wrong. I spent hours in the exit from the freeway, trying to get to the freefest. I watched the clock tick away. Pretty frustrating. I ended up rolling down my windows listening to Ben Folds Five from my car, and then turning around and going straight home. If I had waited in the car longer it would have taken me at least another hour to get inside and there was no one else I really wanted to see.

Anthony felt bad for me that I couldn’t see one of my favorite bands of all time, so being the greatest boyfriend in the world that he is, he bought tickets for us to see them in Philly the next day! We drove up early, ate cheesesteaks in the city at Steve’s, arrived at the venue in perfect time, enjoyed sitting in the beautiful Tower Theater and had the best night. There was tons of room around us, we were in the balcony and seats were plentiful in our section. I stood up when I wanted to, could see perfectly, and watched them play for over two hours. I think I was meant to miss the concert at Free Fest so I could take a spontaneous trip with Anthony, and really enjoy BFF with other fans. My absolute favorite part was getting to sing the trumpet section in Army and then I threw up my arms and screamed, “God please save me more rejection”! I surprised Anthony at that point, he didn’t know what was coming. I sang along pretty much the whole time, and really enjoyed their stories and interactions. Robert Sledge, the bass player is hilarious. And is quite the tenor. While Anthony didn’t know any more than like one or two songs, he said they had a great show and he really enjoyed going with me. I was really really happy.


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