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Book Fest – Food Truck Fest – DC State Fair and More!

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I had a packed, and awesome weekend.

Friday night it was House Admin night at Nats stadium so Anthony and I went with his parents. Courtney was also there, so that was great. We ate hot dogs and nachos! My third Nats game in three days. I somehow never get tired of it.

Saturday I went to the Librar of Congress’ National Book Festival. It is pretty neat how well it is organized. I liked the electronic book trailer that taught you how to you can get ebooks from your library. I’m going to have to set that up soon on Anthony’s iPad. Though I have plenty to read over the next couple months. Afterwards we went to the Trucktoberfest at Union Market. I ate mac and cheese, grilled cheese and a cold beer. Cap Mac retweeted my Instagram picture I took of my delicious looking food. They aren’t big into the retweet so I thought that was pretty cool! Then we hit up the Baracks Row festival and the DC “State” Fair where I saw a cupcake competition! They handed out the blue ribbon and everything. They all looked incredibly delicious. Then I went and played a soccer game, which we won 1-0. Everyone played so well, I was really impressed with the team as a whole. The score does not reflect how awesome we are, it really should have been 4-0 at the very least.  After, Anthony accompanied me to the Georgetown library to pick up a list of books I researched for my final papers. I showed him around campus, which really hit me that…I go here! Afterwards we ate at Pizza Paradiso on M St. We came back to the CB, I watched Anthony, Dan and Thomas play each other in FIFA before going out to Sova on H St to meet up with Courtney since it was her last Saturday night in DC for quite awhile. She heads out on a campaign on Tuesday until the election. We ended up at Barcade, which wasn’t too terrible because we spent the whole time playing Foosball. Thomas and I were Team Germany and we beat DT and Anthony!! Pretty proud of us.

Sunday, I woke up and started reading. Anthony and I ordered Taylor Gourmet breakfast sandwiches and had them delivered. The breakfast risotto balls were phenomenal! Seriously. Order them the next chance you get. I went back to reading and Anthony went to his other soccer team and won the game 8-0! We ended the weekend by heading up to Annapolis and ate crabs at Cantler’s! It was my first time at the famed spot, and it is prime crab season (according to Anthony), so it was nice to do that before it really sinks in that summer is over.

Now onto Week Four! I’ll be writing up my first paper and going to a different museum for each class this week. I’m really looking forward to it!


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