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Last night I went to my first ever Double Header baseball game! A few girls from my grad program decided last week to go to the game after our Foundations course, which is the class we are all in together. It was against the hated dodgers, Beat LA! Tuesday’s game was canceled, so they rescheduled it for 4pm, with the second game starting 30 mins after the first one ended. We arrived around 5 and watched the end of the first game, and then most of the second game! We ate shake shack, got half priced tickets with our student IDs and I taught the new girls to DC all about Bryce Harper. It was a magical night!

AND the Nats just clinched a playoff spot, like right now. Wednesday Nat’s win was the first time in 79 years any team in the MLB had 90 wins. And now this year will be the first time since 1933 that DC has been in the playoffs.  GOOOO NATS!!!!!

Kate and Elizabeth

Me and Elizabeth

Kate, Elizabeth, Me, Anna

Oh yah, and Bryce Harper






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