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The Weekend of Birthday Parties and Red Meat

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This was one of the busiest weekends of the summer!

Thursday – Okay technically not the weekend, but I was acting like it was. I went to dinner at Annie’s Steakhouse. I decided to celebrate my impending Museum Studies Orientation with a prime rib and mashed potatoes. It was delicious, the restaurant was fun, and the onion rings were heavenly.

Friday – I went to work and then to my orientation. I met up beforehand with the two girls (Anna and Elizabeth) I have got together with this summer and we all went together. It was really great getting to meet the rest of my classmates and the professors. Some of the alumni were there as well and I can’t wait to fill their inbox with questions about London! Afterwards, Anna and I met up with her roommate in Georgetown and headed to Trader Joes to pick up snacks for the Jazz in the Garden. It was great that we were both planning on going to the same spot for different birthday parties. When we got there, out of all the places to sit, both parties were on the same patch of grass. It was fate. It was Don’s birthday – a friend from high school who recently moved to DC. We drank sangria and listened to a great jazz pianist. Afterwards I headed to dinner with Courtney and a few friends to Central by Michel Richard. I think this is one of the best restaurants in the city. I had….steak…yet again, and a delicious side of mac and cheese! Then it was off to bed to prepare for the weekend.

Saturday – I woke up early to go to the eye doctor to get new reading frames before the school year started. I haven’t had an eye exam in probably 7 years? The Dr. said that I had some of the healthiest eyes he has ever seen, and was jealous of my far away vision. My reading prescription (which is sort of a glorified magnifying glass) didn’t even change. I picked up new frames anyway to start my school year fresh! I spent the rest of the day doing chores and errands and catching up on my DVR. Then headed to Justin’s birthday party at American Ice Company. We sat outside at picnic tables, drank pbr, took tequila shots at midnight for Court’s birthday (ok I didn’t take the shot, I held the glass of limes for the 12 others that did), ended up at jumbo slice…so you could say it was a good night.

Sunday – I went to Medium Rare for Courtney’s birthday brunch. A cheap $23 gets you unlimited drinks (mimosas, bloody mary, screwdrivers), a choice of a salad, fruit parfait with granola and yogurt or a bowl of fresh fruit, and then for the main their steak frites, steak and eggs, steak benedict, french toast or eggs and sausage. I of course had the steak and eggs, and it was ridiculously good. Then we headed to U St to watch the Nats v Phillies game at Nellies, and then onto the Brixton for Courtney’s birthday party! We hung out on the roof deck and it was great that all our friends and her coworkers came out to celebrate. We ended the night at Standard BBQ for some pulled pork sandwiches and fried pickles. By the time I got home at 10pm I passed out. Sign of a great weekend!

Now I’m preparing for my first week of school. More orientation tomorrow, meeting with the director and my first class on Thursday! Yay!

One of my steaks of the weekend – Medium Rare


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