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Post 350!

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It is crazy that this is my 350th post! Wow! Even though it has gone through dry spells over the years, it is nice that I have this to look back on. As long as WordPress doesn’t go out of business…… as was the case of my old blog on Uber, and why I had to switch over. I also realized that I had a blog before my Uber, because in Media Studies journalism ethics class that was a requirement! Here is my  journalism ethics blog, and my first personal blog! You can see the last post explains that I switched to Uber…which is now defunked. Sad that there is a gap. It’s like those pages of my diary burned. But it’s been fun scanning back over the years. I found some interesting ones….

In addition to blogging I try to keep up on my Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook…and the list goes on and on and on. Hopefully I can keep it going and blog through my time in school, in London and beyond! Thanks for keeping up with my on this journey.


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